Partner Spotlight: Labelle Foundation

by Katie Hudson  • 
Partner Spotlight: Labelle Foundation

Giving back has been a part of our DNA since day one and supporting animal rescues is a cause near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we are proud to partner with The Labelle Foundation, an amazing foster-based 501(c)(3) animal rescue devoted to saving, rehabilitating, and advocating for dogs here in Los Angeles.

Through engaging the community far and wide, the volunteers and staff of Labelle serve the animal rescue community by specializing in neonatal orphans, medical dogs and mothers and babies. Their goal is to help the animals they rescue find loving forever families, save as many lives as possible, and educate on the importance of responsible dog ownership. We support their incredible work by providing our nutritious kibble to all of the adult dogs in their vast foster network. 

Labelle has found homes for nearly 1,300 dogs this year. They do the difficult and expensive work of taking in dogs that are pregnant, injured, or high-risk at shelters. They even have a ‘no mom left behind’ policy, ensuring that not only the puppies they save get amazing homes, but the momma dogs do as well.

We’ve fed over 400 dogs since we partnered with Labelle in May and we are committed to feeding hundreds more in the years to come. We are also proud to say that two of our Co-Founders welcomed Labelle dogs to their families this year.

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