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Made With Organic Chicken
20+ Superfoods
Patented Probiotics
No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Pea or Fillers
Taurine for Heart
Ideal Stool Quality Rating
No Food Recalls
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20+ Superfoods to Fuel Your Dog's Health

Every bite of Jinx is pack with 20+ doggy superfoods like egg, broccoli, chia seeds, kelp, beets, sweet potatoes, ginger and chamomile. Our pre and probiotics work from the inside out supporting healthy digestion.

Industry-leading Digestibility

The proof is in the poop. Jinx was designed with a team of vets and dog nutritionists to be more digestible than the rest. And we have the scores to prove it.

Superfood kibble delivered directly to your dog

Salmon, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Kibble

Salmon, Brown Rice and Sweet Potato

Chicken, Sweet Potato & Egg Kibble

Chicken, Sweet Potato and Egg

Chicken, Brown Rice and Avocado

Chicken, Brown Rice and Avocado


Made In The USA

Research Led Design

Validated By Vets

Flexible Subscription

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Stella has always been so picky! I'm thankful to have found a kibble she is excited to eat!"

Emma C.
Jinx Dog Mom