Clean kibble,
delivered to your dog


Better nutrition starts with all natural ingredients

Real Animal Protein

Organic chicken or salmon is the #1 ingredient

Patented Probiotics

60M+ micro-organisms for gut health

Functional Superfoods

20+ natural superfoods for added nutrients

All Natural Ingredients

No fillers, artificials or label tricks

How It Works

Tell Us About Your Pup

Take our short quiz and we’ll recommend a customized meal plan to meet your dog's needs.

Get Your Box Delivered

We deliver straight to your door at the right frequency so you never run out of food. Shipping is always free.

Flexible Plans

Custom delivery dates, easy cancellation, built in savings and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Don’t just take our word for it

We conducted six independent, extended feeding trials. The results speak for themselves.

approved of the taste over other leading brands
of stools rated as ideal so the pickup is easier
of key nutrients absorbed so nothing goes to waste


Longer Lifespans

Studies show that dogs with better diets, healthier weights and more active lifestyles can live up to 2.5 years longer. That’s a lot more time with your best friend.

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Flexible Subscription

Never carry a heavy bag home from the store again. Setup is seamless with custom delivery dates, easy cancellation, built in savings and a 100% money-back guarantee.
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The Never List

Great food starts with natural ingredients. You’ll never find any of these in our food, ever.




Pea Protein


Food Dyes


Canola Oil

Corn Syrup




Fresh Salmon
20+ Superfoods
Patented Probiotics
All Natural Ingredients
No Recalls

Blue Buffalo


Nutritionist Formulated,
Vet Approved

Dr. Loree Desai Veterinarian

"I recommend Jinx to my patients because it's the first nutrient dense, limited ingredient diet putting our pet’s nutritional health first."

Dr. Melissa Brookshire Veterinarian

"One of the most exciting new brands. Jinx's kibble offers a convenient, nutritious option for all dogs of all sizes, breeds and lifestyles."

Carolyn Kennedy Pet Nutritionist

"Jinx is perfect for the modern dog. Every ingredient is selected for its nutrient value to supports overall wellness."

“I can’t emphasize enough how great it was to see him eat something he likes for once.”

"Only the best will do for your fur baby! Jinx uses only clean ingredients for your four-legged best friend."

"If your dog is a kibble lover, but you feel guilty giving it to them, you need to try Jinx."

What dog parents are saying

Fewer Vet Visits
Better Digestion
Reduced Allergy Symptoms
Shinier Skin & Coat

our pack

“My family has 5 rescue mixes. Every single pup absolutely loved this kibble - even my Chiweenie who is a total food snob.”

Emily, Jinx Dog Mom

Our Pack

“Finally, a dog food for dogs. Jinx has been the perfect solution to achieve great taste and satisfying nutrition.”

Shelby, Jinx Dog Mom

Our pack

“24 Karat Magic....she’s normally pickier than I am. The best part is using Jinx is just easier with the subscription and they always answer my questions. Didn’t think I’d be happier than my own dog but here we are!”

Anish, Jinx Dog Dad

Superfoods to fuel
your dog’s health

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