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Dog Vibes Only Tote

Show up with all of that new year spirit and a bounty of nutritious and delicious treats. Our all-natural treats are made with real, wholesome ingredients and packed in a Dog Vibes Only tote and dog bone tissue paper, making it the perfect turn-key gift for all of your favorite furry friends.


Retail Value: $55 | Sale Price: $40


•  2 bags of Chicken & Mango Jerky Treats that are great for feeding on the go

•  1 bag of Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky Treats that are savory and fulfilling

•  Limited edition Dog Vibes Only cotton canvas tote (15"H x 14.5"W)

•  Dog bone gift tissue ready to gift and enjoy

These products are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Chicken & Mango Jerky
Crude Protein Min 27 %
Crude Fat Min 15 %
Crude Fiber Max 3 %
Moisture Max 28 %
Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky
Crude Protein Min 30 %
Crude Fat Max 3 %
Crude Fiber Max 3 %
Moisture Max 28 %


Chicken & Mango Jerky: ME = 2,806 kcal/kg; 35 kcal/treat

Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky: ME = 2,806 kcal/kg; 35 kcal/treat

100% money back guarantee

Chewy Jerky Treats

Designed to support a healthy metabolism and improve energy levels

Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky

Slow smoked for maximum flavor and packed with beta-carotenes

Chicken & Mango Jerky

A low-calorie jerky with an added pinch of sweetness

Why Superfoods?

Optimal Digestibility

Functional ingredients deliver essential nutrients that are retained through processing

Healthy Gut

Made with naturally occurring pre- and probiotics that aid in digestion and help to regulate the microbiome

Improved Immunity

Real fruits and vegetables help to strengthen and protect the body's cells, tissues and organs

Weight Management

Formulated to help promote a healthy weight with a blend of proteins, fats and fibers in the right proportions

Skin & Coat

Packed with Omega fatty acids to help support the third membrane of skin and promote shiny coats

A holistic diet for every dog

All of our recipes are for every adult dog, from Pekingese to Great Pyrenees. We worked with a team of vets and dog nutritionists to create the perfect well-balanced diet, packed with foods that work extra-hard to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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