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9 Ways You Can Tell if You Have a Modern Dog

9 Ways You Can Tell if You Have a Modern Dog

Jinx was born to cater to the Modern Dog. How do you know if you have a Modern Dog? That’s a great question.

  1. Does your dog have its own spot on your bed? Does it include part of a pillow? Does it sometimes even include a whole pillow?
  2. Does your dog come on vacation? Do you look up dog-friendly activities and accommodations? Do you always pack too many treats?
  3. Do you share food with your dog? Does your dog get a bite of egg at breakfast, a nibble of turkey at Thanksgiving?
  4. Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Does it include cake, treats, toys, sometimes even a pawty?
  5. Does your dog have their own Instagram account?
  6. Does your dog have seasonal clothing? Maybe a rain jacket or winter boots?
  7. Does your dog have playdates? Does your social calendar sometimes feel like it revolves around your dog’s?
  8. Do you take better care of your dog’s nails than your own?
  9. Does your dog have lots of friends with big personalities? Dog friends, human friends, stuffed friends?

BONUS: Does your dog get carried around in a tote or backpack, or better yet, do they have their own backpack?

Photo Cred: Charles Deluvio/Unsplash


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