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Paté Dog Food

For Happier, Healthier Dogs

Discover our delicious range of paté for dogs and treat your dog to savory flavors of beef, salmon and chicken paté dog food. With an array of delicious options to choose from, you can ensure that your dog's mealtime is always diverse and exciting. You can serve these patés as tasty stand-alone meals or use them as a mix-in with any diet for added flavor and nourishment.

Paté FAQs

What Is Paté Dog Food?

Paté dog food is a type of wet dog food that can be used as a nutritious main meal for your dog or a tasty topper for extra flavor and added vitamins. Made from meat such as chicken and beef, paté dog food has a range of health benefits and a soft, chewy texture that makes it easier for your dog to eat. It provides you with an effortless way to ensure that your dog is eating a balanced diet every day. Our salmon, chicken, and beef paté for dogs contains all the protein, vitamins, and nutritious ingredients that your dog needs to maintain a strong foundation of health and they’ll add a burst of flavor to mealtimes that induces some serious excitement in your pup.

Is Paté Dog Food Good For Dogs?

The best paté dog food will provide your dog with a variety of health benefits. From maintaining proper energy levels to contributing to heart, brain, and immune function, paté for dogs can enhance both your dog’s dining experience and overall health. Paté dog food is especially good for dogs who find it difficult to chew as it has a soft, savory texture and is easier for them to eat.    

Made with real, high-quality, natural ingredients, our salmon, chicken, and beef paté for dogs has been expertly formulated to be good for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. With high levels of protein and vitamin-rich vegetables, our paté for dogs contains all the nutrients, protein, and vitamins your dog needs to be happy, healthy, and ready to play every day. Our chicken, beef, and salmon paté for dogs is grain-free, too, meaning that they’re perfect for pups who have a sensitive stomach or suffer from allergies.

What Makes Jinx Paté Dog Food Unique?

What makes our paté dog food unique is that it’s made with real, high-quality ingredients that have a range of benefits for your dog and are free from ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat, and fillers. It’s grain-free, making it perfect for pooches who suffer from a sensitive stomach, and it’s also packed with vitamin-rich vegetables. 

Our beef, salmon, and chicken paté for dogs has been expertly formulated for all dog breeds, ages, and sizes, and with added biotin and fish oil, you can expect to see your dog’s coat shinier in no time at all. We’re proud to say that our paté for dogs has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and contains high-quality protein as the first ingredient along with added vitamins and minerals.

How Should I Use Paté Dog Food?

You should serve paté dog food at room temperature and it can be used as both a main meal for your dog or as a tasty topper. When using it as a main meal, we recommend feeding adult dogs 1 can per 15 lbs of body weight per day, but a puppy can consume up to twice as much as this. If you’re using our patés as toppers instead, you can reduce the amount of dry food your dog has by a ⅓ cup for every ½ can of paté you give them. 

However, these are generic guidelines for feeding paté to dogs and you may need to adjust portion sizes according to your dog’s size, age, and activity level. If you’re unsure about how you should use paté dog food and want more advice, you can speak to your veterinarian.  

How do I Store Paté Dog Food?

Unopened cans of paté for dogs can be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight until you’re ready to use them. If you have some paté left over after feeding your dog, you can empty the contents of the can into an airtight container and refrigerate it promptly to maintain its freshness, ready to use for your dog’s next meal. 


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