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The Modern Dog defined.

Modern dogs are the domesticated counterparts to their wild ancestors, hunting toys behind couch cushions instead of their next meal. They sleep in our beds and join us for coffee breaks at our favorite cafés. The modern dog is a family member, and we believe they should be fed like one, which is why we invested in scientific research to discover their true needs. A less active lifestyle requires more varied sources of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, which is why Jinx recipes include low-fat, nutrient-dense foods you might find on your own plate. In fact, humans and dogs have been eating many of the same foods for thousands of years. To meet the dietary needs of today’s dogs, our formulas are designed for optimal nutrient absorption. Our diets are high in fiber, and include a patented probiotic for digestibility. Check out our science page to learn more about how we’re leading the pack in digestibility. Simply put: your dog is a snuggly omnivore, with different nutritional needs than a carnivorous wolf.


Why kibble?

Here’s the scoop. Backed by decades of scientific research, kibble proves to be the simplest and safest way to ensure your dog is getting a balanced diet. It’s cost-effective, easy to store with low risk of spoilage, and can help promote healthier teeth and gums. You know your dog best, but we unanimously decided that kibble was the kind of food we wanted to both make and feed our dogs. As it turns out, every nutritionist and industry expert that we consulted also feeds their own dogs kibble.

Are fresh and raw diets better?

It is important to note that fresh or raw dog food diets delivered to your home require considerable effort in timing to thaw and serve meals safely. The highly perishable nature of these diets can pose health risks from bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria, which can affect not only your dog but can transfer to your home. Raw dog food diets are not recommended for homes with small children or for anyone with an underdeveloped immune system. Your dog may also become pickier and choose not to eat certain ingredients, potentially leading to nutritional deficiencies. Fresh and raw foods offer significant health benefits aside from the risks, without question. At Jinx, dog wellness is our top priority, so we encourage fellow pet parents to choose the diet best suited to the individual needs of their animals and lifestyles. Fresh and raw foods offer significant health benefits aside from the risks, without question. At Jinx, dog wellness is our top priority, so we encourage fellow pet parents to choose the diet best suited to the individual needs of their animals and lifestyles.

Why is Jinx lower in animal protein than some other kibbles? Or, is less animal protein really healthier for my dog?

Since modern dogs have replaced hunting and roaming with trips to doggy daycare and lounging around, it’s no surprise that the amount of protein required has changed with their lifestyle. For easy digestion and optimal nutritional health, the modern dog should eat a high-quality protein medley from diverse sources in moderate amounts. Unused calorie-rich protein is broken down and stored as fat, resulting in weight gain, and excess amino acids then end up in their #2. Each Jinx recipe combines only high-quality proteins from a mix of sources: Animal (organic chicken, fresh salmon, egg) Superfoods (sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots) Our healthful proteins are combined with whole grains that are easily absorbed and important in a complete and balanced daily diet.

Why is kibble better with probiotics?

Probiotics offer benefits that are essential to good health. A boost of probiotics through food or supplements supports digestion, strengthens the immune system by strengthening the gut wall, and combats pathogens. Jinx kibble contains our patented BC30 probiotic, designed and tested to ensure survival throughout the cooking process to make its way intact to your pup’s tummy. We guarantee a minimum of 60 million CFUs (colony-forming units) per pound, more than enough for a happy gut.

Who formulates Jinx recipes, and what are their credentials?

Jinx collaborates with a team of carefully selected animal nutritionists, formulators, manufacturing partners, and regulatory experts in creating and producing our premium kibble and treats. Jinx’s Nutrition Council guarantees that our recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a modern dog to optimize their health and longevity. The Jinx Nutrition Council is made up of Dr. Melissa Brookshire, DVM, Dr. Loree Desai, DVM, and Carolyn Kennedy, Certified Animal Nutritionist.

Who is AAFCO? Do you meet their guidelines?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines and establishes regulations for the pet food industry, and sets standards for nutritional adequacy. They are a voluntary membership association of local, state, and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feed. They protect not just consumers, but safeguard the health of the animals we love. While AAFCO serves as a great baseline, our kibble recipes are formulated not just to meet the minimum standards but to exceed them. We do this in their formulation, and by analysis of the finished product. All of our recipes are complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages, meaning they provide your dog the right amount, in the right proportion of every single nutrient their body needs. Everyday, every meal, every bite.

What's the difference between "grain-friendly" vs. "grain-free"?

Some dogs have grain allergies. But for most dogs, whole grains are a great source of fiber and energy. Studies show that today’s dogs are true omnivores with specialized enzymes in their stomachs to digest and process grains. But you know your dog best. Whether your pup has an allergy or just a sensitive tummy, we offer two grain-free recipes (Organic Chicken, Sweet Potato and Egg & Salmon, Sweet Potato & Carrot) that don’t contain traditional grains like rice, oats, or barley. Instead, it includes easier to digest alternative carbohydrates, like lentils and chickpeas, to help maintain proper energy levels and dial-in the right frequency of zoomies.

Does Jinx kibble contain fillers like corn, wheat, or soy?

No fillers here! Our recipes are completely free of corn, wheat, and soy. Instead of empty calories, our foods contain fresh lean proteins, gentle sources of dietary fiber, and 20+ functional superfoods that nourish and satisfy modern dogs. All Jinx formulas are developed and approved by a council of dog nutritionists, veterinarians, and manufacturing experts to provide your dog with a well-balanced diet sourced from premium ingredients.

Does Jinx contain artificial preservatives, artificial ingredients, or colors?

Heck no! Our products do contain a natural antioxidant formulated with a custom blend of mixed tocopherols (Vitamin C and Vitamin E) for an additional nutritional boost.

How are your ingredients sourced?

The majority of our ingredients are sourced within the U.S.A, and go to production only after being rigorously tested for a supplier’s compliance with our quality, food safety and nutritional standards. Essential vitamins and minerals not available in the United States are sourced abroad and blended together domestically. These are our only imported ingredients, which are necessary to meet AAFCO requirements for balanced nutritional needs and represent less than 0.5% of the total formula.

Where are Jinx dog food products manufactured?

We vetted dozens of facilities across the U.S. to find partners who have impressive manufacturing capabilities and who uphold the same quality standards and values as we do. We would never put something on a digital or physical shelf that we wouldn’t feed our own dogs. We are thrilled to be partnering with top dogs with decades of manufacturing experience and stringent GFSI certifications to produce premium food options for the modern dog.

How should I store my Jinx products?

Our 4 and 11.5 pound kibble and all treats come packed with resealable zippers for maximum freshness and convenience. If you prefer your own storage, we recommend keeping the food in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry room with a temperature between 40–70 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum freshness and stability.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Please recycle our cardboard boxes. As of today, the bags used for our dog treats and kibble cannot be recycled. Unfortunately current recycling systems are not set up to handle the freshness and food safety needs of the pet food industry. We will continue to monitor developments in sustainable packaging as well as third-party partners working on innovative solutions.


How does Jinx ensure quality and safety?

Food safety and nutritional quality are our top priority. We have rigorous product development and testing processes to ensure Jinx is premium grade producing premium dog food . We are committed to continually investing in new technology and ongoing research to drive improvement.

Here’s how we ensure our food is safe: We ensure our food is safe by doing the following:

(1) Formulation: Jinx worked with the best animal scientists, formulators, nutritionists, veterinarians, regulatory specialists, and manufacturing partners to meticulously craft a series of dog food products best suited for the modern dog.

(2) Ingredients: Along with our manufacturing partners, Jinx follows strict selection criteria to identify accredited suppliers that can help us maintain our best-in-class quality and safety standards. We have a comprehensive audit process to determine the nutritional value, production quality, traceability, and sustainability.

(3) Manufacturing: We vetted dozens of factories across the United States and landed on Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified manufacturing partners that upheld the same standards and values as we do. We’ve teamed up with each of our manufacturing partners to establish controls and processes for everything, including facility maintenance, sanitation and pest control, employee training, in-house sampling and lab analysis, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

(4) Product Release: Before any new product is released into the wild, it goes through a quality assurance control program to ensure that the diet meets the guaranteed analysis as stated on our labels. Additionally, safety tests are conducted both internally and through an independent, third-party lab for pathogens (e.g., Salmonella). All products are held and do not leave the facility until they are cleared by the lab results.

(5) Packaging & Warehousing: Our finished product is packaged in premium polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bags with an inside lining that is designed to keep food fresh. Our finished products are warehoused in a facility with food-grade sanitation and product controls until they are delivered to customers.

(6) Traceability: Each product has unique coding that allows us to identify and trace it from formulation, ingredient supplier, manufacturing to distribution.

Has Jinx ever had a recall?

Nope! We have a squeaky-clean track record.

What should I do if my dog throws up or has diarrhea after eating Jinx?

Upset stomachs are ruff, and a lot of dogs have sensitive tummies. Sometimes dogs get excited and eat too quickly, or need to adjust more slowly to their new food. Make sure to follow our feeding guidelines. Food allergies, or an inability to break down certain nutrients can also be the culprits. If stomach upset occurs as a result of feeding Jinx dog kibble, the new diet may be causing a disruption to their digestive system. This is a rare occurrence. Introduce the new food gradually, increasing the amount of new food over a two-week period to allow their digestive system to adapt. If Jinx doesn’t agree with them, please reach out to us at

Why does my dog's #2 look different?

It’s normal for your pup to adjust when switching foods, especially if they’re used to a different diet (wet, fresh or raw). Stool quality should improve over time, and shouldn’t be too soft (diarrhea) or too hard to pass (constipation). For best results, we recommend gradually transitioning them to the new food over a two-week timeframe. Stool quality should improve over time. Their stool shouldn’t be too soft (diarrhea) or too hard to pass (constipation).


Is Jinx kibble right for my dog?

Jinx recipes are designed to meet the needs for dogs of all ages, regardless of size or breed. We take special care to formulate a holistic diet that provides total nutrition gentle enough for sensitive and allergic pups, while still satisfying athletic breeds. Our support team is happy to answer any questions you may have, and we also encourage you to check with your veterinarian should you have specific concerns. If Jinx isn’t a perfect fit, contact for our no-strings, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I properly transition my dog to their new diet?

Every dog is different, so transition times vary. To avoid any surprises, we recommend mixing Jinx kibble in gradually, increasing the amount over a two-week period. We have an easy-to-follow process on the back of our bags. This helps your pet’s digestive tract adapt to new ingredients. Keep an eye on their #2, as you will notice slight changes in color, or loose stool that can occur during transition. Hold off on increasing the amount of new kibble until their stool returns to what you’re used to. Continue this process until they’re eating 100% Jinx.

How much kibble do I feed my dog?

Your dog’s daily food requirement varies by age, breed, environment, and activity level. We recommend twice daily meals 8-12 hours apart. Portion by dividing the suggested amount on the feeding in half. You may need to adjust as required to maintain optimal health. Consult with your veterinarian if you are unsure. Many dogs have big appetites and will eat everything you feed them, so be careful not to overfeed. Please refer to the feeding guidelines on the back of our packaging for precise guidelines based on your dog's weight.

How do I tell if my dog is overweight? How should I adjust their diet if they are?

Did you know that 2 in 3 dogs in the United States are overweight? That’s roughly 60 million dogs—woof. Obesity is the most common disease in dogs, which can cause serious health complications. Research by Banfield Pet Hospital found that the lifespan of overweight dogs was up to 2.5 years shorter on average than the lifespan of dogs with healthy body weights.* Now, the good news. Dog obesity is 100% preventable! Here’s how you tell if your pup is a healthy weight: + You can easily feel their ribs + You can see their waistline when viewed from above + You do not see a sagging stomach when you view your pet from the side Here’s how you can help your dog live a healthier life: + Consult feeding guidelines on a brand’s website or packaging + Limit treats and scraps, as extra calories add up quickly Incorporate regular exercise and daily activity + Consider set feeding times if you practice “free-choice” feeding + Ask a veterinarian or pet nutritionist for recommendations + Discuss any preexisting conditions with your veterinarian.

What are your feeding tips?

Daily kibble requirements may vary due to age, breed, environment, and activity level. We recommend that you feed twice daily by dividing the suggested amount on the feeding guide into two meals that are spaced between 8 to 12 hours apart. Please note, you may need to adjust food as required to maintain optimal body condition or consult with your veterinarian if you are unsure. Many dogs have big appetites and will eat everything you feed them, so be careful not to overfeed. Dog treats should be given in moderation (we know, it’s hard) and represent 10% or less of your pet’s daily food intake. The rest should come from a complete and balanced core diet of dog kibble. Don’t forget to have a clean bowl of cool, fresh water available at all times. Water is crucial for cell function and tissue lubrication.


How does the subscription program work?

Sign up for a subscription and save 5% off every order + free shipping on all orders over $49. Our flexible subscriptions allow us to deliver on your dog’s eating schedule so you never have to make a last-minute dog food run again Easily skip a delivery anytime. And if needed, we make it easy to cancel anytime from your account page.

When will I be billed?

For subscription orders, billing occurs 2-business days prior to the ‘ship’ cadence that you selected. Once your preferred payment method is charged, our fulfillment staff gets to work processing the order and your dog should receive it between 2-4 business days. If you need to make any updates to your upcoming shipment, please log into your account at least one business day ahead of your shipping date to save your changes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Please note, Apple and Google Pay cannot be used for recurring payments with our subscription service. Once doggy currency becomes a thing, we look forward to accepting bark bucks and pupper points.

How do I make changes to my subscription & update my account?

From your account page, you can change your shipping addresses, payment info, shipping frequency, or edit the amount or type of food. If you have any trouble, our team is here to help at

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password by visiting this page. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you run into any trouble, please reach out to

Cancellation Policy

You can add to, change, or cancel your subscription at any time. From your account page, you can change your shipping addresses, payment info, shipping frequency, or edit the amount or type of food. If you have any trouble, our team is here to help at


When will I receive my order?

Once processed, orders typically take 2-6 business days in transit, depending on your distance from our warehouse in Indianapolis, If you’re in a rush, we also offer expedited 1-2 business day shipping for a small variable rate based on weight. Never worry about running out of their favorites by signing up for our subscription service that comes with a 5% savings offer.

Where do you ship?

We ship within the 48 Contiguous United States. We offer free shipping on orders $65+.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes and APO/FDO/DPO addresses?

We currently ship via Fedex, which, unfortunately, does not deliver to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Do you offer international shipping?

Not yet! But we hope to in the near future.


What is your return policy?

We created Jinx to be healthy and delicious. But we also know that each dog has unique needs. Our goal is to make sure every dog and human who tries Jinx has a great experience. So, if for any reason, you or your pup is not happy with your order, we will make it right and I’ll give you a full refund. For any questions on our refund policy, give us a woof at Please note, if you've made multiple orders of the same product, we are only able to refund the last order purchased. We are unable to accept returns due to quality control procedures so we ask that you please donate your Jinx products to a shelter or dispose of them.

Do I need to return my Jinx products to receive a full refund?

Don’t worry about returning opened or uneaten Jinx. We are unable to accept returns due to quality control procedures, so we ask that you please donate your Jinx products to a shelter or dispose of them.


Do you have coupons or promo codes?

We believe in fair and consistent pricing at all times. We don’t typically offer coupons or promo codes, but there are other ways to save. Enjoy 5% off every repeat order with our subscription service. You can keep up with special offers by following us on Instagram and joining our mailing list.

Do you have a referral program?

You bet! The Jinx Rufferal Program helps you receive a $10 credit each time one of your puppy’s pals makes a first time purchase and they will also receive $10 off their first order. Check out Rufferal Program for more details.

Does Jinx have an affiliate program?

Absolutely. At Jinx we offer two tiers of affiliate rewards. Learn more about our Influencer Pack and Affiliate Pack programs and perks here.

Does Jinx have a rewards program?

Yes. Anyone with a Jinx account can earn “Pack Points” and then redeem them for discounts or other promotional rewards. Earning points is easy: you get one point for every dollar spent, and can earn more points by taking actions like creating an account on, following us on Instagram, leaving a review, and more. To join, simply sign up for an account on To learn more, click here.

Does Jinx partner with anyone to give back to the community?

Yes. Giving back and helping dogs everywhere get access to the nutrition they need to thrive is a key part of why Jinx exists. From the beginning, we’ve been working with several Los Angeles based rescue organizations to donate food to shelter dogs in need. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Beam to help dogs outside of our hometown, giving our customers the opportunity to help us give back to rescues around the country. One percent of every purchase goes to shelter dogs in need. Customers have the opportunity to designate where the donation from their purchase goes by selecting a rescue in cart before checkout.

How can I pick where my donation goes?

Before you check out, make sure you choose “view cart”, which will take you into the full cart experience. Below the checkout button, you’ll see the Beam logo and the option to select a rescue to donate to.


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