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Dog Dental Chews

For Happier, Healthier Dogs

Elevate your pup's oral care routine with our premium collection of dog dental chews that are expertly formulated by food scientists. Discover the best dog dental chew options, meticulously crafted to promote dental health and provide your dog with a satisfying and tasty chewing experience.

Dog Dental Chews FAQs

How do dog dental chews work?

Dental chews offer an enjoyable chewing experience and effective teeth cleaning, ensuring your pup enjoys both a tasty treat and improved oral hygiene. Our dog dental chews are formulated by food scientists to provide a dual-action approach to oral care. The chew's textured surface aids in mechanically scrubbing away plaque and tartar, promoting healthier teeth and gums. Our dental chews are also infused with fresh mint to enhance the breath-freshening benefits. The chewing action stimulates saliva production, a natural defense against oral bacteria. This helps reduce the risk of dental issues and freshens your pup's breath.

How often should you give your dog dental chews?

It's about finding a balance that complements your pup's overall dental care routine. The frequency of giving your dog dental chews depends on various factors such as their size, chewing habits, caloric intake and oral health needs. As a general guideline, offering dental chews a few times a week up to once a day can be beneficial for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

How many dental chews can a dog have a day?

While our dog dental chews are safe and beneficial for daily use, it's essential to adhere to recommended guidelines based on your dog's size and dietary needs. Generally, one dental chew per day is ideal. However, always monitor your dog's overall intake and adjust accordingly to maintain a balanced diet and prevent overfeeding. For specific advice tailored to your pup's unique health requirements, consulting your veterinarian is always the wisest choice.

How to choose the right dog chew size?

Ensure your pup experiences the utmost satisfaction and benefits by choosing the right dog chew size, providing a safe and enjoyable chewing experience. Opt for a chew that matches your dog's size to prevent any potential choking hazards or difficulties in handling. At Jinx, our dental treats come in a small size for dogs between 10-25lbs, a medium size for dogs between 24-40lbs, and large size for dogs weighing 40lbs and over.  Make sure to always supervise your dog with any chew or dental treat to ensure their safety and enjoyment.


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