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Premium Dog Kibble

Nutritionist-approved kibble that passes the sniff test

For Happier, Healthier Dogs

Discover our curated collection of kibble dog food that is as healthy as it is tasty! Explore the healthiest dry dog food options, carefully crafted to provide the best kibble for dogs. Elevate your pup's dining experience with our premium selection, ensuring every bite of our dog kibble delivers both exceptional taste and optimal nutrition.

Kibble Dog Food FAQs

What is kibble?

Kibble, often referred to as dry dog food, is a nutritionally balanced and convenient form of canine sustenance. Crafted through a process called extrusion, it involves cooking a blend of ingredients under high pressure, the end result being an amalgamation of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that ensures a well-rounded diet for your pup. This process is also important to effectively eliminate pathogens and bacteria that could be harmful to your pet, while also ensuring that the kibble remains shelf-stable for extended periods without the need for artificial preservatives. By integrating high-temperature cooking with high-pressure techniques, extrusion not only maintains the nutritional integrity of the ingredients but also provides a compact, energy-dense, and convenient feeding option for dog parents.

How much kibble to feed a dog?

Tailoring your dog's daily food intake is essential, considering factors like age, breed, environment, and activity level. For optimal health, we recommend two daily meals spaced 8-12 hours apart. Easily manage portions by halving the suggested amount on the feeding guide, adjusting as needed. If unsure, consult your veterinarian for personalized advice. Carefully follow the feeding guidelines provided on our packaging for precise instructions based on your dog's weight.

What can I add to my dog's kibble everyday?

To enhance your dog's daily kibble, consider adding nutrient-rich toppers with vegetables and lean meats or fish. These not only boost the nutritional value but also add an element of variety to your dog's meal. Our meal toppers are an easy way to add such ingredients without compromising on the convenience of kibble. Just sprinkle a little over your dog's food and watch them enjoy an extra burst of flavor. Incorporating wet food into your dog's kibble is another excellent way to diversify their diet and enhance mealtime enjoyment. Wet food increases moisture intake, which is crucial for a dog's overall health and can be particularly beneficial for pets that are reluctant to drink sufficient amounts of water. The combination of kibble and wet food also tends to be enticing to picky eaters, offering varied textures and flavors.

How much kibble to feed a puppy?

Determining how much kibble to feed a puppy is crucial for their healthy development, especially as puppies require more frequent, smaller meals for proper growth. It’s important to consider factors such as breed, size, age, and activity level. As a general guideline, start with the recommended amount on the packaging, divided into several meals throughout the day. 

Puppy food is made to meet their growing needs, with more protein, vitamins, and calories. That being said, puppies can also eat all life stages food if you follow the puppy portion sizes on the package. Since puppies grow quickly, make sure to regularly check and change how much you feed them based on the guidelines provided.

For precise guidance on how much kibble to feed a puppy, consult our feeding guidelines on the packaging or seek advice from your veterinarian.


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