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Wet Dog Food

These soft, savory, and ready-to-serve meals are formulated by experts to ensure your dog maintains a strong foundation of health — with a great taste that can only come from using real, high-quality ingredients.

For Happier, Healthier Dogs

Explore our premium selection of wet dog food at Jinx, offering a delectable range of options, including wet food for dogs, wet puppy food, and the best canned dog food for your pup’s nutritional needs. Delight your pup with our high-quality wet dog food pouches, crafted to satisfy even the most discerning canine palates.

Wet Dog Food FAQs

How much wet food to feed a dog?

Determining how much wet food to feed a dog is crucial for their health and well-being. The perfect portion  will depend on whether you're using wet dog food as a topper or mix in with dry food or as the main source of nutrition for your dog. 

If you're using Jinx Homemades wet dog food pouches as your dog's main meal, feed 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 pouches per 10 lbs of your pup's body weight. If you're using them as a topper or mix-in, feed 1/3 to 1/2 a cup less dry food for every pouch. 

For Jinx canned paté wet food, feed 1 can per 15 lb. of your adult dog's body weight per day if using as their main meal. If using as a topper of mix-in, feed 1/3 cup less dry food for every 1/2 can of wet food.

How long can wet dog food sit out?

The duration wet dog food can sit out largely depends on environmental conditions. As a general rule, it's safe for wet dog food to be left out for a maximum of four hours at room temperature. However, factors like temperature and humidity can impact this timeframe. In warmer climates, it's advisable to discard any uneaten wet food after one hour. Always prioritize your pup's health by promptly refrigerating any leftover portions. 

Does wet dog food need to be refrigerated?

Yes, wet dog food does need to be refrigerated after opening. Refrigeration is essential to prevent bacterial growth and spoilage of the food. Unopened cans or pouches of wet dog food can be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, the food should be covered or transferred to an airtight container and can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to five days.  Remember, proper storage is essential for your pup's well-being.

Can you freeze wet dog food?

It's not recommended to freeze wet dog food as the texture, taste and nutritional value may be altered once thawed. Mold can also develop if the food is not properly frozen or thawed. So, it's best to stick to refrigeration for wet dog food storage (once a pouch or can has been opened).

Can you heat up wet dog food?

Some pet owners may also find that warming up their dog's wet food can make it more enticing, especially for picky eaters. That's because the warmth can enhance the food's aroma and flavor. If you decide to heat your dog's food, ensure that it's only gently warmed, and always test the temperature before serving to prevent the risk of burning your pet's mouth.


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