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Chris Evans x Jinx Partnership

Chris Evans x Jinx Partnership

Our Favorite Dynamic Duo

Did you know that since 2022, the Jinx fam has partnered with Chris Evans and his dog, Dodger? Together, our hope is to help all dogs get access to the highest quality food possible at an accessible price point. Keep reading to learn more about our growing partnership—and about how Chris Evans’ dog came into the picture and changed his life for the better.

A Shared Passion for Dogs

We created Jinx because we wanted to create better options for our dogs that were tasty and healthy, but still easy-to-feed to accommodate our busy lifestyles.

All of our products are made using premium proteins, packed with real, nutrient-rich superfoods, and are free from artificial preservatives or fillers. Formulated by animal nutritionists and approved by certified veterinarians, Jinx's rigorous vetting ensures that dogs get the balanced nutrition they need without anything they don't.


It all started when Chris had his dog, Dodger, try out Jinx and saw what a positive difference it made in Dodger’s overall health and energy. "I was thrilled to find Jinx – a food Dodger loves to eat and that I know is safe and healthy for him,” said Evans about our premium dog products. 


A natural match: Chris Evans + Jinx Dog Food

After an introduction, we quickly bonded over our love for our pups and our passion for helping dogs in need. And once Chris told us about how he met Dodger, we knew a partnership was in the stars. While filming his movie Gifted in 2017, Chris shot a final scene at an animal shelter when he noticed Dodger, who was up for adoption. It was love at first sight.


“He is everything to me. He’s the most honest, loyal, stoic teacher you could possibly ask for. He’s so reliable… I’ve had different dogs in my life, I’ve known so many, and Dodger just really stands alone. No disrespect to any other dogs, but he’s just really a perfect animal. It was kind of a no-brainer to partner up on something that would help him.”


Chris’ love for his dog (and all dogs) make him the perfect addition to our Jinx family and leadership team. An actor, entrepreneur, dog dad, and all-around good guy, Chris has already become a well-loved and integral part of our mission to redefine dog wellness with healthier, tastier, and affordable food.

Chris Evans feeding treats to his dog Dodger

What does the Chris Evans and Jinx partnership include?

We're excited to have Chris move into an active role in our business growth and creative vision. We all know him for his roles as Captain America in the Marvel Universe and as a filmmaker and entrepreneur, but lately Chris has been taking on another huge role: America’s favorite dog dad.

From our latest commercial, to launching the Limited Edition Dog Dream Box at Walmart, to helping our partner shelter, Animal Haven, find homes for their rescue pups, Chris has played a huge role in sharing our missions to bring quality food to all dogs.

As Chris himself says, "I'm excited to come on board and help grow awareness for the company so all dogs can have the highest quality food possible at an accessible price point. You’re always looking for good partnerships—things that mean something to you. Then meeting with the folks at Jinx, they share the passion that I feel for dogs and they explain the product and you realize that all the pieces of the puzzle were there. It just made perfect sense.” 

Chris Evans sits next to his dog dodger while opening a bag of Jinx dental chews

Read more about the Jinx dog food + Chris Evans partnership

Want to learn more about the newest member of our team? Check out the articles below and hear from Chris himself about why he joined Jinx.

The View: Chris Evans Shares the Story of Rescuing His Dog, Dodger

"I met with the heads of the company; they’re clearly dog lovers. And their goal to make quality food at an affordable price is really inspiring. It shouldn’t only be rich dogs that eat well, and Jinx is just incredible. It’s a company that I’m really proud to be connected to and it’s a product I use.

Watch the interview here.

People: Chris Evans Says His Pet Dodger Is 'a Cut Above the Average Dog,' But Admits 'I'm Probably Biased'

"You're always looking for things like this in my profession, finding companies or products that align with your passions, and obviously everyone knows how much I love dogs. Meeting with everyone at Jinx, they not only share the passion, but they have a fantastic product that my dog loves, so it was kind of a no-brainer."
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Adweek: Dog Food Brand Jinx Announces Its Latest Endorser and Future Ad Star, Chris Evans

"Just hearing about its mission and starting with the health of your animals and giving dogs good food and caring about their nutrition shouldn't break the bank. It shouldn't only be the rich dogs that are healthy and eat well. They've really done something great here."
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CNN: Talking dog parenting with Chris Evans

“I had actually been giving Dodger the Jinx treats for a while, and he loved them, and then my business manager brought me this opportunity.”
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Forbes: Chris Evans Partners With Jinx Premium Dog Food, Discusses His 'Perfect' Boy Dodger: 'He Is Everything To Me'

"It was kind of a no-brainer to partner up on something that would help him (Dodger)."
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Pet Food Processing: Jinx partners with celebrity Chris Evans

"I'm excited to come on board and help grow awareness for the company so all dogs can have the highest quality food possible at an accessible price point."
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Fansided: Chris Evans is now a part of the Jinx family in an active role with the help of Dodger

"Considering he comes into the role after being a customer himself, he already knows the quality that Jinx delivers."
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Ready to try Dodger’s favorite recipe? 

No, really. It’s his absolute favorite. Grab a bag for your pup today!


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