Jinx x Petco

by Christina Yglesias  • 
Jinx x Petco

Here at Jinx, we are always looking for more ways to make it easy and safe for busy pet parents to feed their fur-babies the highest quality food. That's why we are excited to announce our very first national retail partner, the one and only Petco.

We built Jinx with the goal of enriching the lives of modern dogs through  superfood-powered nutrition. As pet parents, we recognize that our dogs have evolved from their wolf-like predecessors. Our CEO, co-founder and dog mom extraordinaire, Terri Rockovich explains, “Over the years, dogs  have become more like family members and their physiological needs have changed -- with smaller jaws, flatter teeth, longer digestive tracts, and slower metabolic rates since their activity levels have shifted from highly active to moderately active.”

We worked with best-in-class nutritionists, formulators, veterinarians, and manufacturing experts to design a diet that caters to the needs and lifestyle of the modern dog. We created unique recipes that pair top quality fresh proteins with plant-based ingredients to give pups the nutritional composition they need to thrive. 

We are always looking for ways to make it easier and safer for busy pet parents to feed their fur-babies the highest quality food. Petco is not only huge presence in the pet market, but also a leading player in raising the industry bar for nutritional standards.

We at Jinx are excited to help fuel the movement towards better nutrition for our dogs. Head over to petco.com to see us in action.

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