The Modern Dog Workout

by Katie Szymanski  • 
The Modern Dog Workout

Get active with these full body workouts - a custom built routine for canines.



1. Sit
2. Lay down
3. Sit
4. Lay down
5. Sit
6. Lay down
7. Sit
8. Lay down



1. Run to the couch
2. Run to the bed
3. Run back to the couch
4. Run to the bed
5. Run back to the couch
6. Run to the bed
7. Run back to the couch
8. Run to the bed


Walk Your Human

1. Lose your leash
2. Lead the way
3. Chase the squirrel
4. Get distracted by a bird
5. Run across your neighborhood
6. Change your mind
7. Run back the other way
8. Make your human follow you
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