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Welcome to Our Pack

Welcome to Our Pack

Announcement: Dog parents, please pull your dog up to the screen. This is for them, not you.

Oh hello there! Welcome! We’re happy to have all breeds, sizes, and bark volumes.

We’re a new dog wellness brand made for you, so we talk directly to you. We’re calling it D2D (direct to dog) unlike those other startups doing that D2C thing. Pshhht. We’re bypassing your owner and going straight to you. It’s a new age of Modern Doghood and we’re here for it.

We’re going to help you live your leisurely lavish toy-filled dog-park-loving life to the fullest. We’ve started with some really tasty food and treats that’s going to be a gamechanger for how you and your stomach and your bones feel. It’s not that outdated stuff you used to eat, it’s a new kind of kibble.

Jinx food is filled with only natural ingredients like salmon, avocado, and sweet potatoes. Sounds good, right? There’s also antioxidants, biotin, and our very own probiotic so that you stay healthy and happy. We worked with a dog nutritionist (Carolyn Kennedy if you want to google her or something) to make sure it has the perfect balance of every little thing dogs need.

Get your bowls and appetites ready.


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