By Dog Parents
For Dog parents

By Dog Parents
For Dog parents

Before we were a brand, we were simply obsessed dog parents with trust issues around what we let our fur babies eat.

We had searched high and wide for clean label options that met the needs of our modern dogs and their picky palettes. Despite a category filled with an overwhelming amount of options, we could not find anything in touch with the evolved realities of caring not just for a canine but for our good boiz and gurlz.

And that's how
Jinx began.

During our pursuit of identifying better nutrition options, we met and hired the best formulators, nutritionists, regulatory specialists and manufacturing partners in the industry to meticulously craft a series of dog food products best suited for moderately active pups.

Because the truth is:

Our pups are not wolves.

They live the good life.
Some may even call it their best life.

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Jinx is on a mission

to build a community of like-minded dog parents that take pride in how they care and connect with their fur babies.

We want to arm humans with the information to make better nutrition decisions, whether they shop with Jinx or not. After all, the way to a dog's heart is totally through its stomach, but also in how we enrich their doghood through play, stimulation and affection.

The love is real, and inspired by these knuckleheads