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Your Astrolodoggy Forecast, Revealed

Your Astrolodoggy Forecast, Revealed

Open your Dog-Star app (and read on) to see what's in store for you in the coming months.


Take this time to work on you. New start, fresh slate. You may need to be alone and reclusive to ponder your ambitions. The perfectionist in you is going to take hold. You might look unapproachable hiding under the couch and worry your parents. Make sure to give them extra kisses when you crawl out. 


Your love life is going to slow down a bit this month. Unfortunately the dog you locked eyes with at the dog park is going on vacation with their family. However, you like being around your friends more than ever. Strengthen those relationships by sharing your treats. 


You can expect calm and balance in the beginning of the year. This month brings you a flurry of positive energy, which you can best utilize in your work. Nail that burrito your mom has been adamantly training you to learn and others will notice your effort, enthusiasm, and diligence. 


You're buzzing and barking with excitement. Wooof, it might be difficult for you to stay in one place - make sure you switch off between the couch, bed, and rug so you don't get stir crazy (and a case of the zoomies).


This will be a transformative year for you. Usually you like being the center of attention, but you're going to have a lot on your bowl. Instead of getting overwhelmed and pacing around the house, try focusing on one challenge and chew at a time. 


You're learning so many new things, but don't forget to spend time continuing to master the basics. Carve out time in the day to work on your sit, stay, and lay down. Especially lay down.


Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. This is one of those times. Keep an eye out on the way to the dog park - the one you're looking for might be spotted on the sidewalk instead of behind the fence.


Rest and relax. You've got a big year ahead. Make sure you save your energy for the times that count. Like when your parents have their friends over and they're extra jazzed to play tug-of-war with you.


Mistakes happen - don't put yourself in the doghouse for too long because you had an accident on the carpet. This month when it happens again, let it go and move on.


This is a month to enjoy, play, and galavant all over town. You won't have many responsibilities. Take advantage by spending extra time at the park. Your parents will forgive you if you spend some extra time playing after they call you.


You're feeling extra charitable this month. Next time your friends come over to play make sure you share your treats and toys with them. Maybe even let them have your favorite.


You're going to find the need to express yourself more creatively than usual this month when your parents don't realize you're extra gassy. Give the door a few taps when you have to and they'll get the hint.

Illustration by Alana Peters / The We Company


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