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food to feed dog with upset stomach

Five Foods To Feed Dogs With Upset Stomachs

Every dog parent has run into their fair share of tummy issues. Low appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, or a combination of all three—it’s all stressful to deal with.

While your vet should always be your go-to for treatments when your dog is sick, there are a few things you can do at home that can help remedy their stomach issues.

How To Treat Your Dog’s Upset Stomach

Many things can cause your dog’s stomach problems, from parasites and viruses, to stress and scraps on the street.

If you notice symptoms of an upset stomach, don’t panic. Keep an eye on how it progresses and changes in their behavior, and make sure to give them a lot of fresh water to replenish their fluids. You might also want to feed them a bland diet or stop feeding altogether to let their digestive tract recover.

If things don’t seem to improve in a day or two, it’s best to bring them to their vet to see what could be wrong.

What to Feed a Dog with Upset Stomach

When trying to get your dog’s digestive system back on track, a good rule of thumb is to feed them a bland diet. That’s because these foods are less likely to make their stomach worse.

Here are the top 5 foods for dogs with upset stomach.

1. Plain Rice

Cooked plain white rice, plain and simple, is super easy to digest and won’t irritate or overwork your dog’s digestive system. Plus, its high fiber content can help your dog’s diarrhea become more solid.

2. Simple, Lean Protein 

Low-fat proteins with zero seasoning, like boiled chicken breast (no bones or skin), are also easy to digest while also providing nutrition.

3. Potatoes 

Cooked potatoes, including sweet potatoes, have starches that are easy for your dog to digest. They also provide fiber that can help firm up your dog’s stools to help remedy their diarrhea. But be sure you fully cook potatoes before feeding them—raw potatoes contain solanine, which is toxic to dogs.

4. Pumpkin

Many dog parents reach for canned pumpkin when deciding what to give a dog for upset stomach and vomiting. That’s because its high fiber content helps ease diarrhea, and its natural prebiotics promote healthy gut bacteria. Just be sure to buy canned pumpkin with no added seasoning or flavoring as that can slow their recovery.

You can also add a bit of canned pumpkin to your dog’s usual meals if their stomach upset is mild.

5. Dog Food That’s Good for the Gut

Some dog foods (like ours) are designed to be easily digestible. Our recipes incorporate the ingredients above, plus patented probiotics that support a healthy gut biome.

Settle Your Dog’s Upset Stomach With Nourishing Foods

No one wants their furry friends to be sick with an upset stomach. Whatever the cause, we hope these 5 foods help them get back to their happy, healthy selves. If it doesn’t seem to be helping your dog’s symptoms, always talk to your veterinarian on the best course of action.


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