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Meet the Jinx Dogs

Meet the Jinx Dogs


Our hardworking team members are also dedicated dog moms and dads. Fun fact, dogs outnumber humans here at Jinx. Allow us to introduce you to some of the pups who motivate us every day to give dog parents better nutritional options so their pups can live healthier, happier lives.


Terri, Co-Founder and CEO

Blitz, Mystery Mutt

Shadow, Belgian Shepherd / Akita Mix

Woman sits on couch cuddling two dogsI was looking to adopt a dog to keep me company when I relocated from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. I went to a small shelter in the Mission to meet a bunch of potential dogs that I had found online. Blitz (Blitzen at the time) was the "test dog" that they used to introduce me to the dogs that I had requested. Blitz stayed in the room between the swapping in and out of dogs, and we bonded immediately. I adopted him on the spot. Blitz moved with me to NYC, ATX and now LA. Once we settled in LA, I decided to start fostering again. Shadow came into our home and never left! We are now a family of three and looking to add a small senior to complete our pack. 




Sameer, Co-Founder and CSO

Jinx, Shiba Inu Mix

Man sits on couch with small dogI never had a dog growing up so I never understood people's infatuations with their pups. That changed when I met Jinx. I instantly fell in love and was happy to have him with me everywhere. He traveled with me, he ate with me, and even slept in the same bed as me!




Michael, Co-Founder and COO

Wally, Black Lab Mix

A man wearing a hat stands in front of a pink wall smiling while holding a small black dog

I had long been looking for a black lab mix. One day, I was helping hand-off a donation of Jinx kibble to one of our rescue partners. A volunteer had brought Wally along with her. I had initially assumed that it was her dog, but it turned out she was fostering him until he was available for adoption. There was instant chemistry with Wally and I and I couldn’t let him go to someone else! I ended up adopting him and it has been a ton of fun since.




Brianna, Director of Strategy

Jacques, French Bulldog

A man and a woman embrace a french bulldog while smiling at the dogI'd wanted to get a dog for a long time. As an apartment dweller first in New York and then in LA, as well as someone who traveled a lot, I needed a dog that was happy lazing around and also was easy to travel with. My husband and I both love bulldogs, but an English was too big for us at the time, so we decided to get a Frenchie. We went down to the San Diego area to meet a few pups, and we fell in love with Jacques. At just nine weeks old, he was a bit aloof but we found it charming and we happily brought him into our family. He's become quite possibly the most affectionate lovebug we've ever met, constantly in search of the perfect snuggle.




Cameron, Director of Manufacturing & Food Quality

Max, Terrier Mix

Churchill, Goldendoodle

A man in a bright red shirts run on the beach with a big black dog in front of him and a small white dog behind himI adopted Max the dog about 4 years ago. At the time, I was going through some pretty major life changes and found a dog that was also facing some challenges. I figured Max and I could do it together. My wife had Church before we met. The second time I came over to her house to visit, Church grabbed my hand and brought me to her. We bonded right away. He is a super loving and supportive dog. Now we are a little family!






Christina, Digital Marketing Manager

Midi, Formosan Mountain Dog Mix

A woman kneels to pet a medium spotted dog. They are both smiling and standing on a grassy path overlooking a city.

I had always wanted a dog growing up but my sister is allergic. After I finished college and was living on my own, I was excited to finally get a dog. I was getting ready to adopt when I met a guy with a dog. I met Midi on our second date when we went for a rainy nighttime hike. Over the years, I gained Midi's trust and love to become her dog mom. She helped bring me and my now-husband together. Midi is a Formosan Mountain Dog Mix from Taipei, Taiwan- adopted through AHAN.




Katie, Customer Experience Lead

Griffin, Standard Poodle

A woman sits in a car passenger seat, holding a poodle puppy and smiling

I grew up with my family and family friends all having poodles, from toy poodles to standards, they always seemed to be around. When I moved earlier this year I was in a great position to get my own dog. It was important to me to get a non-shedding pup that was super trainable, so naturally, a Standard Poodle was the perfect choice. I picked out Griffin with help from his breeder when he was about 5 weeks old. I  picked him up when he was 10 weeks and he was an instant angel. Most people have a funny story of how they named their pups, but I just randomly thought of Griffin and it stuck!




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