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Top 5 Dog Friendliest Cities in the US

Top 5 Dog Friendliest Cities in the US

When it comes to choosing a place to move, some people go where they can live their best lives. We go where our dogs can live their best lives, too.

We rounded up the most pet-friendly cities in America, in case you’re thinking of a move or just planning a vacation. Think: dog parks, off-leash hangs, and pet-loving restaurants and cafes for you and your pup to explore.

1. Portland, OR

How do we know Portland is one of the most dog-friendly towns? It has more dog parks per capita than any city in the U.S. That’s 33 dog parks in total—wow! That means you can go to a new one every month for almost 3 years.

Even better: You can take your dog into bars with you. Portland is one of the only cities outside of France that allows it. With special occasions like a Pug Crawl and Pit Bull Parade, every day is a dog holiday here.

If you’ve got a water-loving pup on your hands, you can head to Sellwood Riverfront Park, which has a sandy beach and an off-leash area for them to roam free. For more woodsy adventurers, check out Forest Park’s 70+ miles of trails to sniff and explore.


2. Seattle

Not too far from Portland is another one of the country’s most pet-friendly cities: Seattle, WA (aka birthplace of the Starbucks Puppuccino). While the city is known for its rain, rest assured that there are lots of spots that let you take your pup inside, including many public transit options. And during those weeks where the rain won’t let up, there are a few indoor dog parks for your dog to get their energy out.

Nature-lovers can also head out of downtown to the Warren G. Magnuson Park Off Leash Area, where your pup can swim and run around in “Seattle’s biggest fully-fenced back yard for canines.”

3. Los Angeles (Home of Jinx HQ)

It may come as a surprise, but bustling Los Angeles is actually one of the country’s best cities for dogs and caters to all kinds of dog needs. That’s why we made it the Jinx HQ!

LA is home to 2,000 vets, 2,000 dog training facilities, and 1,000 kennels. Plus, furry friends are generally welcome to join their humans on-leash at dozens of dog-friendly locations: outdoor malls, most state parks, on local trails, and at outdoor eateries across the city. And in true Hollywood fashion, you can easily find some dog spas to pamper your pooch.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, try heading out on a nearby hike. A few popular spots among Angelenos include Runyon Canyon, Inspiration Point Loop, and Millard Canyon. Or, head to Rosie’s Dog Beach for a little QT with your dog. 

Bonus: It’s a short drive south to San Diego where there’s an annual dog surf-a-thon and more than 100 dog parks! 

4. Denver

Take in the fresh air and take your dog off leash on almost all of the amazing trails Denver has to offer! The Mile High City is home to more than a dozen dog parks spread across the city—just keep in mind that your pup must be spayed or neutered and be current on their rabies vaccinations to join in on the fun.

For both off-leash adventures together, try visiting Railyard Dog Park, which has a soft and sandy soil your dog can run around on. City Park also offers tons of walkable green space so long as you keep your pup on leash. The stunning Red Rocks State Park is an option outside of Denver for a more extended getaway.

5. San Francisco

Did you know that San Francisco has more dog residents than children? That’s why we think it’s one of the best dog-friendly cities in the U.S. Even its most iconic spot, the Golden Gate Bridge, allows dogs to walk with their humans in the evening!

Another great spot for sightseeing with your pup is Baker Beach, a sandy mile walk with awesome views of the city and lots of chances to meet new dog friends.

The Key Canine Takeaways

So, what makes a dog friendly city anyway? To us, a place with lots of accessible dog parks and dog-friendly areas is key. Having easy access to these means having a source of exercise at your disposal at all times, meaning a happier, healthier, and more socialized pup.

Plus when establishments like malls and restaurants take that extra step to prioritize our furry friends, it makes it so much easier to bring them along on our everyday adventure.


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