WTF is Modern Doghood?

WTF is Modern Doghood?

You are not a caveman and your dog is not a wolf. We're living in the age of Modern Doghood.

Have you ever realized that a lot of the dog brands out there talk about primitive diets and compare your dog to a wolf? They reference the wilderness and hunting...

But the only thing our dogs are hunting for is the bully stick they hid behind the couch pillows and the time they spend outside is at the dog park or on a brisk stroll.

We wanted to create a brand that celebrates today’s dogs and their leisurely extravagant lifestyles, facilitated (with love) by us humans. Modern Doghood represents the quirky relationships we have with our pets. We treat them like our kids. We buy them clothes, we celebrate their birthday, we have more photos of them on our camera roll than us.

Our dogs live comfortable lives from the comfort of their own plush dog bed or even the spot they have on our mattress.

Our dogs are just as millennial as us. There. We said it.

Photo Cred: Alexandra Novitskaya